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Celebrate in style with Cake Gypsy gourmet cupcakes. With so many fun and unique flavors, our cupcakes are the perfect dessert for your next affair. Easy to serve and enjoyed by all, cupcakes are no longer for children only. We want your cupcakes to be as special as your occasion, which is why we offer over 30 different varieties to choose from. Gypsy Gems (mini versions of our standard size cupcake) are also available. If you don’t see one you are looking for, we welcome the opportunity to customize your cupcakes with specific colors, themes, decorations and designs. Cupcakes make great gifts too! Our retail bakery is open 7 days a week Monday thru Saturday 9:30-6:30 and Sunday 9:30-4:30.  

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Please note: All cupcake flavors with a *, are available on a regular basis. We have approximately 30 different flavors available in store daily. You can stop by and purchase cupcakes or call and we can also take orders over the phone. Our cupcakes are $2.45 each, $14.50 for 6 or a dozen at a discount price of $28.95. There is no minimum per flavor. You can choose 1 or more of any flavor. We bake about 2000 cupcakes a day and donate our leftovers at the end of each night. So you are assured you are getting fresh product each day.

(Hundreds of decorations to choose from to customize your cupcakes at no extra charge)

We also offer special order mini cupcakes (24 to a box, $28.95 and must all be the same cake flavor however we can offer up to 4 different frostings for a greater flavor selection) and jumbo cupcakes ($3.95) upon request. We have many display towers available for your cupcakes.

We offer about 30 different varieties of cupcakes every day including Gluten Free/Dairy Free/Nut Free and Vegan.

*PLAIN JANE-Vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream frosting adorned with a white chocolate curls.

*OPPOSITES ATTRACT-Vanilla cake with chocolate butter cream frosting with a chocolate spiral decoration.

*LEMON COCONUT -Lemon cake with lemon filling frosted with vanilla buttercream, flaked coconut and a candied lemon slice

*COCONUT CREAM PIE- White cupcake with coconut cream filling, coconut butter cream, garnished with toasted coconut

*EBONY & IVORY- Chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream frosting and a chocolate fan

*RASPBERRIES & CREME  Chocolate cake with raspberries and creme frosting with chocolate truffle ganache drizzle

*STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE - White cake with strawberry filling, rimmed with vanilla buttercream, white sprinkles with strawberry buttercream frosting and a candy strawberry on top.

*SIGNATURE RED VELVET-Moist & velvety cocoa-buttercream cake topped with our signature cream cheese icing and velvet cake crumbles

*WHITE CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY: White cake filled with raspberry preserves frosted with raspberry buttercream rimmed with white chocolate curls and a white chocolate decorative fan. 

*NUTELLA- Chocolate cake with a delicious nutella frosting garnished with chocolate ganache and a Ferrero Roche candy

*BIRTHDAY CAKE-Yellow cake with vanilla buttercream icing with confetti sprinkles

*OVER THE RAINBOW-White confetti cake with vanilla buttercream with rainbow sprinkles

*PUMPKIN SPICE- Pumpkin cupcake with pumpkin spice frosting garnished with a candy pumpkin.

*PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE: Pumpkin cupcake frosted with our signature cinnamon cream cheese frosting.

*MAPLE WALNUT: Walnut studded maple cupcake with maple frosting garnished with crushed walnuts and a sugar maple leaf.

*CARAMEL APPLE: Apple cupcake filled with caramel with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and drizzled with caramel

*LEMON BLUEBERRY: Lemon cake filled with lemon curd frosted with fresh blueberry buttercream topped with a candied lemon slice.

*ALMOND JOY: Chocolate cupcake with coconut buttercream covered with chocolate ganache with sliced almonds and coconut

*COOKIES & CRÈME-Chocolate cake filled with vanilla buttercream with cookies 'n creme frosting topped with a mini oreo

*CHOC. CHIP COOKIE DOUGH- White cake with chocolate chip cookie dough buttercream garnished with a mini chips ahoy (no raw cookie dough)

*DREAMSICLE-Orange cake with vanilla butter cream filling and creamsicle flavored buttercream with orange and white sprinkles

*PINK PRINCESS-Vanilla cake with pink butter cream frosting garnished with fairy dust glitter (edible stars also available at no extra charge)

*HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTEST  -Chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream filling dipped in chocolate  and decorated with a butter cream swirl

*CHOCOLATE CHIPPER- Chocolate cupcake with chocolate butter cream filling, chocolate topping with mini chocolate chips

*YIN YANG- Vanilla cupcake with half vanilla butter cream frosting, half chocolate butter cream frosting and vanilla and chocolate sprinkles

*SALTED CARAMEL: Caramel cupcake with salted caramel frosting garnished with a homemade salted caramel chocolate.

 *24 CARROT-Carrot cake with our signature cream cheese frosting garnished with a decorative carrot (no nuts)

*BLACK FOREST - Chocolate cupcake with cherry filling, vanilla buttercream frosting, chocolate flakes and a cherry

*PEANUT BUTTER CUP-Chocolate cake with peanut butter filling topped with chocolate ganache and garnished with a piece of Reese’s peanut butter cup

*PEPPERMINT PATTY-Chocolate cake filled with mint flavored butter cream frosted with chocolate ganache and a York peppermint patty on top

*SAMOA: Chocolate cupcake, coconut buttercream filling, caramel and chocolate frosting, toasted caramel and garnished with a Samoa girl scout cookie

*LEMON ZINGER  -Lemon cake with lemon buttercream frosting garnished with crushed lemon candy topping

*LEMON DROP - Lemon cupcake filled with lemon curd, frosted with vanilla buttercream garnished with a candy lemon slice

*CAFÉ MOCHA -  Chocolate cake with mocha buttercream garnished with a chocolate coffee bean.

 *TIFFANY- Yellow cake with tiffany blue frosting and edible white pearls

*CHOCOLATE LOVER-Chocolate cake  frosted with chocolate butter cream and chocolate curls

*HOT FUDGE SUNDAE-Chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream drizzled with chocolate ganache, rainbow sprinkles and a marachino cherry

*WORMS & DIRT-Chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting topped with crushed oreo cookie crumbles and gummy worms. Yummy! Really, it is.

*CUB CAKE: Yellow cake with vanilla buttercream frosting with gummy bears on top and nonpareil sprinkles.