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Nothing provides greater satisfaction than hearing “Wow, this is the best cake I’ve ever tasted!” and “the cake was a huge success!” from our valued customers. It really warms our heart when people take the time to share their comments and profess their love for our products. A lot of hard work and love goes into every product we make and it’s so nice to know that it is appreciated. We are so very proud of these accolades and would like to share a few of them with you.

imageThe Cake Gypsy’s cupcakes are fantastic! They are so light and fluffy and the frosting is so good – not too sweet or sticky! The ones with the passion fruit filling are the best! So good you can’t eat just one (and they are the perfect size to have two and not feel guilty)!
- Vikki H

Everybody’s mouth dropped when they saw this masterpiece. We thought we hit a home run with the place we chose and the theme, until the cake arrived. The place I worked so hard to find became obsolete. The costumes came second to the intricate cake with all the details down to the grass surrounding the castle. To this day every child in attendance can’t stop talking about my daughter’s princess castle cake and every mother asked me how they can get one made for their child. Not only was it gorgeous on the outside but the two tiers were different as well. One was cookies and crème for the kids and red velvet for the parents. I have never tasted anything so good. When my daughter returned to Magic Mirror months later the people in there were still talking about her cake. Needless to say the cake stole the show. It was painful to cut into it. I have a whole photo album dedicated to this one of a kind cake.
- Sheri J.

The cake was a huge success. Everyone marveled on how beautiful it was, plus they all said it was delicious. In fact, my sister wanted to take some extra home, but we couldn’t figure out how to get it on the plane without squashing it. The cookies were also a great hit. I can’t thank you enough. My son and daughter-in-law loved it so much they wanted to know if we could bring up the Christening cake in the spring. I don’t know if it can travel in a car to Rhode Island, but we would like to give it a try.
- Carol L.

Candy cake

You are an artist and so creative; I am totally impressed! I loved the murder mystery cake!
- Caryn B.

We had just one little problem with the cake, it was too beautiful that no one wanted to cut it! My husband and I even got into an argument because he didn’t want me to put the candles in it, but I told him I had to, it was our son’s birthday and he needed to blow out candles!
- Michelle C.